Urban Colours

4 January – 29 April 2022

An exhibition by ten ART:DIS's artists, drawing inspiration from Cubism and Pop art.

Art movements abound during the turn of the 20th century as many searched
for meaning amid massive social change. Cubism and Pop Art were two major
trends then that completely revolutionised traditional art perspectives.

Cubism is best understood as a reduction of objects and figures into
geometric planes so as to show different viewpoints within the same space.
Consequently, paintings appear fragmented and abstract. Pop Art, on the
other hand, drew from popular iconography of the times to create works that
were immediately recognisable due to their mass appeal. The aim was to
elevate what was deemed lowbrow subjects into cultured works of art.

Despite their differences, both movements continue to hold influence as seen
in ART:DIS's latest exhibition, Urban Colours. Ten of our
professional artists were inspired by Cubism’s and Pop Art’s use of hard
edges, distinct forms and lack of depth to convey reality. The resulting
showcase of 32 artworks is thus a riot of colours in all its two-dimensionality
glory. From the kitsch to the complex, discover new perspectives along this
spectrum and support the divergent yet talented artists behind them.

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