Waves I & II

Waves I & II

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Since childhood, I have explored the world sketching and painting above and below the sea. Swimming, surfing and diving in most of our planets oceans has nurtured my body and soul while bringing me face to fin with the undersea world. I cherish this feeling of floating in the sea as the undulating waves from a thousand miles away, rise and fall before spilling onto some sandy beach or rocky shelf. In the studio I relive these experiences and try to paint what swaying with the currents or surfing down a wave feels like.


Gregory Frederic Burns (1957)

Mix Media
122CM X 92CM (Each Canvas)
*Artwork does not come with frame.


    Gregory Burns’ passion for art began as a boy in Paris where he painted bottles of Beaujolais and slices of French bread. During a freshman figure drawing class Gregory discovered a passion for painting the nude. He slipped into Asia in 1984, where he studied Chinese brush painting and calligraphy with local masters in Taiwan and China. With broken mandarin and paintbrushes he embarked on a 16-month backpacking trip overland through China, Tibet, Nepal, India and Pakistan focusing on the ancient sacred sites of the region. Since completing his postgraduate degree in fine arts in 1999, the intrepid traveller continues to cast a wide net and pull in a diverse collection of colours and imagery from which he tries to inspire himself and others to live a big life with purpose.