Train Station

Train Station

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"Train Station" combines images and experiences traveling across the globe, visiting far away cities by train. Numerous references signal the traveler's journey as he/she explores distant lands and things about themselves. Traveling Gregory's train is a magical experience as you see, smell and feel the world go by. Unlike an airplane that picks you up and drops you down somewhere new, traveling by train drip feeds the backpacker with bits of information as the journey unfolds. Arriving at a new train station is always a joy and both the end and beginning of a new adventure. 


"Train Station" is mixed media on canvas. Gregory haa collaged many picuture and sketches into this work to give the feeling of many places. The paint is both acrylic and oil. He calls this work "Abstract Impressionism" since it is both abstract but offers imagery as well. This is his signature style which he has been developing for over 20 years.


"Train Station" expresses the joy and mystery of traveling overland through distant lands on a journey of self-discovery.


Gregory Burns (1957)

Mix Media

183.1CM X 122CM

  • Artist Biography

    Gregory Burns’ passion for art began as a boy in paris where he painted bottles of beaujolais and slices of french bread. During a freshman figure drawing class Gregory discovered a passion for painting the nude. He slipped into Asia in 1984, where he studied chinese brush painting and calligraphy with local masters in Taiwan and China. With broken mandarin and paintbrushes he embarked on a 16-month backpacking trip overland through China, Tibet, Nepal, India and Pakistan focusing on the ancient sacred sites of the region. Since completing his master of fine art in painting in 1999, the intrepid traveler continues to cast a wide net and pull in a diverse collection of colors and imagery from which he tries to inspire himself and others to live a big life with purpose.