Time Together in Nature

Time Together in Nature

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We took a walk in the park nearby 
I saw many trees around us during our walk
They are tall and big surrounding us
I like how the sunlight shining through the trees
Allowing light into the path to show us the way
It is cooling and comforting for our walk 
I just love how the trees provide shadowing
Making me relax and enjoying the scenery 
And seeing beautiful creatures near us
We had a good time together in the nature.


Sunshine Tay Geok Leng (1989)
Colour Pencil
61CM X 76CM
61CM X 61CM
84CM X 59.5CM
84CM X 59.5CM


    Just like her namesake, Sunshine is a warm and helpful individual, extremely personable underneath her shy demeanor. Her hearing impairment does not stop her from following class sessions to the best of her ability. In her spare time, Sunshine is also a photographer, capturing the beauty of nature through her lens.

    Animals, fruits and faces of her family members are commonly featured themes in her artwork as they are favourite subjects in everyday life. Sunshine enjoys the process of painting – she finds great meaning and derives a sense of accomplishment from the execution to the completion of each artwork. With her simplistic and illustrative painting style, her kind personality shines through in her works as she paints with the hope that her art can put a smile on someone’s face.