The Lotus Pond

The Lotus Pond

SKU: CLLL/21/09/01

Exhibited at Pan Pacific hotel in 2018, The Lotus Pond is a framed watercolour piece by Christina Lau that showcases the calm and beauty of the water lotus.


In this painting, she was inspired because of her Chinese name. In one of her Chinese name characters, it contains the word “Lian”, which is the Chinese name for lotus flower, called LIAN HUA. Lotus flower symbolises purity because it grows from mud, but when it blooms, it is not affected by the muddy water but grow clean and pure. It is like people with disabilities. Although they are disabled, they continue to grow and shine like the lotus flower. She hopes through her painting, it gives people the strength, that no matter what situation they are put in, they can still grow and shine beautifully.


Christina Lau Lay Lian (1972)


24.5CM X 34.5CM


  • Artist Biography

    In 2009, Christina started her artistic journey as a mouth painter. Since then, her interest in art has grown. Her depiction of flora and fauna with watercolours and acrylics not only has the ability to draw out the richness of colours but also successfully portray the tenderness of her subjects.