The Giant Slayer

The Giant Slayer

SKU: STRE/21/03/01

This artwork was inspired by the bravery of Jack from the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. In this artwork, Jack climbed the giant beanstalk to encounter the 2-headed giant. Just as he reached the peak of the beanstalk, the giant was right there waiting for him. Tiny Jack bravely fought head on with the gigantic creature and won the day! Simeon wants to express in his artwork that "Nothing is impossible to achieve if you dare to put your heart and mind to do!"


Simeon Tan Rui En (1999)
59.5CM X 42CM


    A passionate artist with Autism, Simeon Tan’s strength lies in the visual arts. His art includes themes ranging from robots and technology to mythology and manga. His paintings are very colourful and strongly articulated with sweeping line work. In his spare time, Simeon also enjoys working with clay and metal.
    Simeon participated in Singapore’s Next Top Inclusive Model Hunt – won the Runner-Up award in 2019 and subsequently in 2020, also won both the Category Champion award and the Overall Champion award. He was scouted as a youth artist and trainee in 2020 at Singapore Fashion Runway. An alumni artist of Pathlight’s Art Faculty since 2019, he obtained a Certificate in Visual Arts from NAFA in early March 2021