Sunset at the Jetty

Sunset at the Jetty

SKU: TTYL/18/03/01

Sunset at the Jetty showcases an orange sun setting on the horizon of the vast sea. As the orange rays reflects on the surfaces of the water, viewers will definitely capture the feeling of peace and tranquility.


Teresa Tan Yan Lie (1951)

50CM X 40CM
*Artwork does not come with frame.


    Teresa has always enjoyed painting, but she never knew she had the gift for it until she was struck with her disability. She started her journey as an artist after attending art lessons conducted at the Handicaps Welfare Association. Teresa continues to attend art classes till today to upgrade her painting skills. Teresa’s style of painting is called “Elaborate Art”. It requires a lot of skills and concentration as it involves working with several layers of paints to achieve the final result. Working on her art pieces gives her a great sense of achievement; it also provides a chance for her to stay connected to the disconnected world out there.

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