Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure

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"Sunken Treasure" shows a boat at the bottom of the sea with a treasure of gold wainting for anyone who can swim down to find it. The ocean is a huge treasure and anyone lucky enough to dive and swim in the sea knows this.

This is Mix Media on canvas which is the medium Gregory uses when painting locations. Gregory was living in the Maldives at the time, doing these art pieces in his residence at a fine hotel. He added some gold leaf to the painting to represent the sunken treasure. He names this art work "Abstract Impressionism" since it is both abstract but offers imagery as well. This is his signature style which he has been developing for over 20 years. This painting reminds him of the treasures that the ocean offers and why he love to be in the sea. 


Gregory Burns (1957)

Mix Media

61CM X 61CM

  • Artist Biography

    Gregory Burns’ passion for art began as a boy in paris where he painted bottles of beaujolais and slices of french bread. During a freshman figure drawing class Gregory discovered a passion for painting the nude. He slipped into Asia in 1984, where he studied chinese brush painting and calligraphy with local masters in Taiwan and China. With broken mandarin and paintbrushes he embarked on a 16-month backpacking trip overland through China, Tibet, Nepal, India and Pakistan focusing on the ancient sacred sites of the region. Since completing his master of fine art in painting in 1999, the intrepid traveler continues to cast a wide net and pull in a diverse collection of colors and imagery from which he tries to inspire himself and others to live a big life with purpose.