Kheong Siak Road

Kheong Siak Road

SKU: SLMC/20/11/01

Stanley Lim (1977)

Mix Media

61CM X 45.8CM


    Mj lim, is a quadriplegia artist who uses his mouth to paint. 

    A road traffic accident causes a serious neck injury and broke his spinal cord. As a result , he lost his function of his hands and legs and also losing movement and sensation from chest down. This accident had completely changed his life from a qualified aircraft maintenance engineer back then to now a person who requires assistance from caregiver to perform his daily living task....

    Mj has no formal training to paint as an artist. After the accident, painting was a form of therapy initially. The interest to paint over the years grew into passion.
    The passion to create artwork with his mouth landed him in mouth and foot painting association. It was his joyous moment being accepted into mfpa and it  catapult his moral to create more artwork.

    Artist statement
    painting with mouth has a very different visual effect. Every short and precise stroke of paint onto the canvas creates the details and beauty of the work. 
    I hope my works will help bring motivation to others who encounter difficulties in life.  Isnt "hope" to be better is all you are asking for?

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