Historical Building

Historical Building

SKU: RLPS/21/09/04

Historial Building is a dynamic artwork by Raymond Lau that features his distinctive brushstrokes and bright colours but unlike his other works has a stronger sense of structure and rigidity to it. Raymond use brush drawing on canvas. This painting style is like comicbecause it break away from the painting that he always capture on thecanvas. Not a lot of people can relate to this artwork of his. People thoughtthat this artwork is created by other artist. He seldom do artwork in thismanner.It was his unusual intention to make this piece of art. The message that Raymond would like to share to his audiences is to "Be playful in your child life".


Raymond Lau Poo Seng (1968)


45.5CM X 61CM

  • Artist Biography

    Raymond belongs to a new and emerging generation of Singaporean artists at the forefront of Singapore’s evolution into a Renaissance city. A vocal and colourful individual, he excels in both realist and abstract renditions in oil and acrylic. For Raymond, painting is therapeutic as it helps him find peace and fullness. Hence, it is not surprising that his body of work reveals a gentler, softer side of an outwardly bold and brassy individual. Raymond received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Tasmania. He was honoured with the UOB Painting of the Year award in 1993 and the National Arts Council Young Artist Award in 2001. His works can be found in the collections of President S.R. Nathan, Ambassador-at-Large, Professor Tommy Koh, Professor Arthur Lim, Mr Tan Swie Hian, Ms Chng Seok Tin, Singapore Management University, United Overseas Bank and the National Arts Council.