High-Rise Building

High-Rise Building

SKU: AYJH/21/03/01

The nine hungry animals stay on top of the building 
& the snowman is watching & waiting at the bottom of the building.


Aaron James Yap Jin Hui (1996)
83.5CM X 59CM


    Being a cheerful and friendly boy who loves to express himself through visual arts, Aaron is especially fond of sketching expressive cartoon characters and animals which reflect his mood. Having visited many places of interests and landmarks in Singapore and beyond, Aaron often translates his experiences into his artworks. Every intricate detail drawn is solely from memory and his vivid imagination.

    Aaron's most remarkable quality in his works is his persistence. One tiny flaw in his drawing and he might discard the drawing without hesitation, and start afresh on the same piece. He is a true perfectionist. Today, with his talent and perseverance, Aaron is a proud recipient of the Certificate in Visual Arts from NAFA.

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