Growing Our Nation

Growing Our Nation

SKU: TSH/15/04/01

Cultivating a prosperous, harmonious society. In this series of 3 acrylic paintings, Growing Our Nation represents how individuals of different races, religions and personalities come together to form a cohesive nation. This bold and vibrant series was selected to exhibit in Pan Pacific Hotel Exhibition in March 2019 and True Colours Exhibition in 2018. Growing Our Nation: Concern about and action aimed at maintaining peace and unity and protecting our country in terms of race, language or religion. Zoe grow up in Singapore that has been tremendously improved by the promotion of a culture of peace and harmony.


Zoe Tan (1946)


30.5CM X 30.5CM (PER PIECE)



  • Artist Biography

    A freelance designer and former art teacher, Zoe was a recipient of a Very Special Arts Scholarship (sponsored by the Lee Foundation and Goodwood Park Hotel) for a BA in Graphic Design. Zoe first developed a passion for art under the early tutelage of her father. Her brain-teasing drawings use finely crafted compositions that combine precise realism with explorations of various art elements to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of reality. She demonstrates an acute sense of life in her vivid and compelling works of art with montages of figures and faces. In her works, you can recognize her keen observation of the world around her and you as well as the expressions of her own fantasies.