Golden Willows

Golden Willows

SKU: ES/19/12/01

Eugene Soh(1963)


61cm x 46cm


    Eugene is a self-trained artist with a BA in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore. Eugene admires the artistic style of Van Gogh and Raymond Lau. To him, art is everywhere, the depository of his memories of travelling with his wife and the expression of his deep faith in God, the mainstay of his artistic inspiration. Eugene was one of the 13 VSA artists selected for the 1999 Maybank-VSA Pair With An Artist Programme, with Singapore artist Raymond Lau, as his mentor. In 2000, Eugene was also one of the 7 VSA artists chosen to participate in the Hakaren Gallery-VSA “Five Elements” exhibition at Sheraton Towers (Singapore). The model for the 1994 “Disabled But Not Unable” National Disability Campaign organised by the National Council of Social Service, Eugene does not let anything slow him down.

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