Creature of the World

Creature of the World

SKU: RTL/21/03/01

A swimming creature that glides and crawls. I like creature that climb are swim and crawl and climb. I like the colour orange because it is colourful and bright.


Rajendran Thilak Laxman (2004)
75.5CM X 101CM


    Thilak shows keen interest in drawing animals and sea creatures. He enjoys painting with watercolours and arctic paints. He attends weekend art classes to further hone his techniques. Thilak is extremely meticulous in his drawing. The talent development classes gave him the chance to look into various art forms. They enabled him to express himself and his emotions through his creations, and he is always seeking more such experiences in the future.

    Thilak’s artwork was displayed at the Singapore Youth Festival 2018 Art Exhibition. He received the Certificate of Recognition from the Ministry of Arts and Culture for his artwork titled ‘Our Animals’.

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