SKU: SCH/20/10/04

Shiow Chai Hong (1954)


45.5CM X 61CM X 1.7CM 

*Artwork comes with frame 


  • Artist Biography

    Chai Hong‘s first encounter with art was at the 1996 VSA Annual Art exhibition. Surrounded by the beautiful work of VSA artists, she decided to try her hand at painting. With the encouragement of her colleague Muh Liang, she joined the VSA Saturday Art Class and later became a VSA artist. Chai Hong is distinctly meticulous at rendering lines with which she adds texture to her watercolour landscapes. Her works exude a subtle oriental charm, which goes hand in hand with her simple, quiet and disciplined personality. “Life is meaningless without art. However much joy I experience from painting, I also feel frustrated when I cannot accomplish a good piece of work... Painting is the only way of finding one’s own happiness,” she says.

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