SKU: MTK/21/03/01

Reflection speaks from the heart, and what I see in myself is hypothetical progress; dreaming of possibilities without the tools of execution. Adrift do minds wander, and a day is played in a loop to scour reality to see if we have yet to make any progress. Until then, as lessened contact from the outside world dilutes our sense of time, we are all withheld to our own cages, empowered by our own selves and support, come what may.


Marvin Tan Kang (2001)
36CM X 28CM


    Marvin found yet another avenue to convey some of his most complex ideas as a budding artist – sculpting. Underneath every one of his works lies a web of complex ideas. He has a knack for creating intricate structures with metal wiring that are capable of standing without support. Marvin takes great pride and pours effort into every single detail of his creations – from the complex wiring to the precise positioning. Outspoken and driven, there are a lot more masterpieces to be produced in the future by him.