SKU: LMC/20/11/01

Lee Mun Choong (1967)

Chinese Ink

61.5CM X 56.5CM

9CM (Frame Width)


    A former student of the Spastic Children’s Association School, Mun Choong is an affectionate, enthusiastic, childlike artist whose squeals of joy interject every few strokes of his art-making process. His subjects often revolve around the natural world of flora, fauna and garden creatures. His work has a fresh and youthful quality that charms the viewer. Mun Choong pursues art under the guidance of private tutors and the loving care of his parents. In 2001, he was selected to participate in a cartooning workshop organised by Very Special Arts and The Necessary Stage. Despite the switch from Oriental to Western graphic techniques, Mun Choong’s innocent and loving nature radiates through his naïve style and minimalist stick figures and objects. His work has been featured on greeting cards sponsored by Mobile One as well as the Community Chest.