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As bamboo grows upright rewaching for the sky, each segment is progressively shorter than its earlier segment. This resembles the challenges we face and the goals we set for ourselves. IT could be along journey for us but every step we make bring ourselves a step closer to the finishing line in front of us. In reality, each step we make may not be as straight forward as it seems. This was composed on rice paper using CHinese ink. It was one of Wesley's early examination in taking minimalistic approach in composition. This was one of the few piecees in his early days which indluced painting and calligraphy on the same artwork. 


Wesley Seah (1967)

Chinese Ink

33.5CM X 33.5CM


  • Artist Biography

    Since 2009, Wesley has been involved in Dialogue in the Dark Singapore. In 2015, he was given the opportunity to explore the art of Chinese Ink Painting through which he found a way to express himself and share his thoughts. Two of his paintings have been sold to raise funds for World Vision. He has continued to receive basic training and practiced on his own for countless hours. He is grateful to have received funding from a private organisation and has been attending Chinese Ink Painting courses at the LASALLE College of the Arts since August 2017.