An Evening Lighthouse

An Evening Lighthouse

SKU: LMC/17/03/01

An Evening Lighthouse is an acrylic painting by Stanley Lim that depicts the breathtaking scene of a lighthouse in dusk.


Stanley Lim Min-Chieh (1977)

28CM x 36CM
*Artwork does not come with frame.


    Stanley Lim is a quadriplegia artist who uses his mouth to paint. A road traffic accident caused a serious neck injury and broke his spinal cord. As a result, he lost function of his hands and legs and was left paralysed from the waist down. This accident completely changed his life – he went from being a qualified aircraft maintenance engineer back then to now a person who requires assistance from a caregiver to perform mundane daily tasks. Stanley has no formal training but taught himself to paint as a form of therapy. The passion to create artwork with his mouth landed him in Mouth and Foot Painting Association. It was a joyous moment for him to be accepted into MFPA and it catapulted his morale to create more artwork.

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