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New Beginnings

26 September, 2020

A glimpse into the wonderful artworks the “new normal” has inspired.

“ Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all “
- Emily Dickinson 
With “New Beginnings”, we bring you a message full of hope and inspiration. All of our lives have been completely transformed during the last few months. The pandemic shook up the entire world, but it could not shake the spirit of our artists. And we are so glad it didn’t. The creativity in our artists persevered through the dark times and emerged in the form of vibrant, tranquil and hopeful works of art. 
Over the years ART:DIS has been striving for inclusion of artists with disabilities on the local art scene. The journey has been full of obstacles, but we have managed to get past them all. The pandemic impacted us greatly, but we, along with all our artists, have clung to the silver lining as tightly as we could. We have adapted to the new normal and have emerged full of colour and vibrancy. Our very first virtual art exhibition, “New Beginnings” showcases works by our talented artists created during the circuit breaker period. These artworks – ranging in media from acrylics to photography – have all been created to inspire hope in everyone’s hearts during these unprecedented times.

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