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16 June, 2021

A collection of artworks created by our artists by drawing inspiration from the theme of Fluidity.

Featuring the works of ART:DIS professional visual artists, Fluidity explores the theme of water and its literal use. This exhibition aims to take a look into the works inspired by the gentle flow and transient nature of water and similar mediums. 

The nuances of water form are truly captivating, holding different sentiments for individuals, including our artists, who have created their own depiction of water through their paintings which we now see here. Evoke looks into the deeper meaning of water through abstract scenes, while Essence represents the movements of water and life. Through their artistic minds, breath-taking scenes of nature were crafted by our professional artists, some carefully interpreted from scenes of places we are familiar with, while others follow a spontaneous burst of creative expression. 

Be it a stroke, a splash or a splatter, these artworks will bring you across the ebb and flow of life, brought to you by our professional artists with disabilities. We hope that these works will inspire you to reflect and appreciate the transience of nature and the beauty of water. ART:DIS is proud to provide this platform and opportunity to empower our artists and support their livelihood in the arts.

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