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Facets of Reflection

15 May, 2021

A collection of artworks created by our Artist-In-Training.

Facets of Reflection is a collection of multimedia works from 21 Artists-In-Training that draw inspiration from the reflections of their individual lives. These works are inspired by local, playful and ruminating treasures. This is the first of many exhibitions that ART:DIS hopes will act as a platform to further enhance the artists’ quests in becoming professional artists, as well as enrich their artistic journey.


Through the study of reflection comes works of painting, sculpture, printmaking and animation. From their own individual lives, they search for their own way and dive into their chosen subject to expand the depth of their memories or thoughts.


Some scenes that are held dearly in our minds are the ones we’ve spent with our loved ones.  The subject that they choose becomes intentional as they mix materials and resources to help us understand and visualise what their minds recall. As a result, Local Facets presents said scenes – and places – of our artists’ memories.


Playful facets showcases the nostalgia of a favourite childhood television show, a preferred character or even animals. These themes are what helps to build creativity and interests in the eyes and minds of the artists. To create a unique vision, the use of maths, science and imagination fuses themselves into their works.

Some memories are a constant loop in the mind, while others are the introspective expression of a person. The journey of their work in progress, in turn, becomes therapeutic. From there, the internal dialogue on the study of identity comes to a sequel – that is, Inner Facets, an inevitable stage of adolescence.


Facets of Reflection hopes to leave a memorable experience presented by the exclusive voices of the minds of our Artists-In-Training.

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