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Dynamic Touch

12 December, 2020

A collection of artworks created by our artists by drawing inspiration from life and their favourite subject matters, abstracts, landscapes and florals. 

“Dynamic Touch” paints a picture of the world around us through the eyes of our artists and the refinement of their favourite subject matter.


This exhibition is a collection of artworks that comprises urban skylines, sceneries with natural beauty, abstract impressions of the artist’s surroundings and floral still lifes.


Exclusively, among the collection lies works of seven of our artists under the artistic wing of Ms. Yoko Choi. The classes were sponsored by Maybank Singapore. These artworks – ranging in media from water colours to oils – all have the spirit of life around us embedded in them. A recurring subject in the works of most artists, nature has inspired many masterpieces and it continues to do so every day. Taking cue from the often neglected beauty and tranquillity around us, our artists have translated little pieces of their own worlds onto the canvas. These artistic translations range from realistic paintings to abstraction. 


The artworks from the “Dynamic Touch” collection are also a gentle reminder to all our audiences to remember to take a minute to pause now and again and experience the healing powers of nature and art all around us.


Like Brad Dourif once said, “The universe is dynamic. When we are creative, we are the most alive and in touch with it."

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