Celebratory Sights

11 October, 2021

Sights and cultures captured in a collection of work from our 14 artists. 

Singapore is fondly named The Little Red Dot. As a nation, we have much that is unique to us – our multi-ethnic diversity, our own lingo known as Singlish, our identity as both a garden city and foodie’s paradise. For many locals, home is truly where the heart is.

Through this exhibition, 14 artists from ART:DIS reflect on what they hold dear about Singapore, our home. Their artworks and reflections give us a glimpse into the past while capturing the present icons we have today.

For instance, sights portray heritage buildings, old neighbourhoods and scenic landmarks that tell us much about Singapore’s history from a backwater village to a leading city-state. Moments from bygone days and recreational pastimes also illustrate the idyllic charm of our cultural landscape. To our artsits, these familiar views and scenes represent comfort, hope and pride in our nation.

With 32 artworks on display, there is much to see, appreciate and reminiscence about Singapore. Join us in celebrating the wonderful sights of this little red dot we call home.

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