AIT : Parallel Retrospection

5 June – 24 July 2022

An exhibition of 44 works from 20 artists from the

Artist-In-Training(Fine Arts) Programme.

Parallel Retrospection is an exhibition by 20 Artists-In-Training of ART:DIS. The 44 artworks on display, ranging from bold acrylic paintings to precise line drawings with marker pens and soft sceneries with pencils, demonstrate their improvement in conceptualization and artistry following a year of home-based lessons.


Despite the isolation and the uncertainty of the pandemic, our young artists found the silver lining in their memories or anticipation of the future. In recounting happier moments with loved ones or awaiting the lifting of safety measures to resume one’s favorite activities, they drew and painted with optimism in their hearts.


Parallel Retrospection thus brims with positivity and our artists hope that audiences will find joy and relief in the things they enjoy doing, just as they did through art-making. As they journey together towards professionalism, each artist shines with their own unique light and we welcome you to witness their growth in this exhibition.

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