Floyd Thien

Acrylic, Numbers

Flyod Thien.jpg

Floyd's adventure in art began when he was presented with a "Magna-Doodle" on his first birthday. Today, he is a cheerful teenager with a contagious smile, obsessed with most things numerical – "Deal or No Deal", billiards, foreign currencies, and multiplication tables. He taught himself how to write numbers in Arabic, and can even count in Cantonese and Malay.

Since 2006, ART:DIS Singapore’s art programmes have become Floyd’s weekly haven where he relaxes and creatively expresses his feelings and thoughts. Art has been an integral tool for communication for him. He won 2nd prize in ART:DIS’s See What I See art competition in 2010 and in 2016, he was the runner-up in BiG-i International Art Competition. His artworks have been used on TransitLink Cards and displayed at CCK Bus Terminal.