Beatrice Goh

Acrylic, Dry-Media, Cartoon

Beatrice Goh.jpg

Beatrice's passion for the arts began at the young age of 3. Restless as a child, Beatrice's mother introduced her to drawing in the hopes of honing her concentration and focus. Since then, her interest in art has only grown, and in 2017, Beatrice enrolled into the Artist-In-Training level at ART:DIS Singapore to further develop her artistic style.

Beatrice's love and appreciation for multiculturalism – especially ASEAN cultures – is evident in her works where she depicts people of various cultures and nationalities. It is not surprising that her dream is to one day become an air stewardess for Singapore Airlines, where she can communicate and interact with people from different cultures. Her works are a representation of not only her ambitions but also her dreams of a harmonious world.