Avlynn Ng

Acrylic, Cartoon

Avlynn Ng.jpg

Following the discovery of her artistic talents, Avlynn has been mowing down obstacles in communicating herself to others caused by her hearing impairment. Avlynn has been enamoured with it, using art as a means to express herself and communicate her ideas to the world. In her spare time, Avlynn can be found drawing, painting and making crafts.

In 2018, Avlynn was enrolled into the Artist-In-Training level at ART:DIS Singapore. Here, she further refined her artistic skill as well as the artistic style in which she executes her ideas. In her dynamic and lively art pieces, Avlynn has incorporated bold and broad strokes of colour using her experience in wushu and dance. Her artwork is a culmination of her feelings, using not just her paintbrush but her entire body.