Amelia Tan

Acrylic, Watercolour, Introspective

Amelia Tan.jpg

Amelia has been practising art at ART:DIS Singapore since 2008, and has since acquired mastery of several different media. An established artist today, he has worked on art commissions for several local organisations. In 2019, Amelia was chosen as NCSS “SeeTheTrueMe” Champaign Ambassador - she created artworks for LiHo ‘RenRenHao’ Drink Cup Sleeve and Cineleisure Outlet for the campaign.

A former student of Pathlight School, her artwork “Demon to them, Star to others” won the 2018 Singapore Youth Festival competition. In 2020, Amelia was awarded a 1 year scholarship from Nanyang Polytechnic for her poly foundation program, and she is now pursuing a Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects getting one step closer to her dream of becoming an Illustrator.